Why Shop Hotels Provide The Perfect Accommodation For A Weekend Getaway

After a long and daunting work week, a weekend getaway provides the perfect opportunity to relax and get away from it all. Getting the most from the getaway is possible when choosing the right accommodation. A large luxury hotel is not always an option in this case. Sometimes, a smaller, quaint hotel works best to provide exactly what is needed to relax. Here is why treasury green book 2017 provide the perfect accommodation for a weekend getaway.

Size and Setting

A boutique hotel is a smaller property and will generally feature under 100 rooms total. The mixture of rooms may include standard rooms or suites. Depending on the location, these hotels will sometimes offer suites with balconies. Some may offer kitchenettes, living areas and washers and dryers. The setting of a boutique hotel is often located right in the middle of the main attraction areas of a city. This feature allows guests the ability to venture out into the city and enjoy their surroundings on foot without the worry of needing transportation.

Personalized Service

Many boutique hotels are independently owned and generally are not part of a "chain hotel" group. These hotels are smaller and do not accommodate as many guests as the larger luxury hotels. This means that guests staying at the hotel will receive a more personalized type of service from the staff. The staff members at a Boutique Hotel are committed to providing an excellent experience for their in-house guests by taking measures to meet their individualized requests and needs.


Boutique hotels are often quite unique. The structure and appearance of the buildings are often something that one would not experience in the larger chain hotels. The interior architecture provides furnishings that make any guest feel right at home. Guests will be surrounded by amenities that are sure to make their getaway a relaxation success. Amenities such as wine bars, an on-site restaurant, and a fitness center are a few of the laid-back features guests may expect to experience while lodging in a boutique hotel.

Choosing a boutique hotel for a weekend getaway can provide a fantastic lodging experience for anyone who is seeking to get away from it all. The environment provides guests with their own private space but also allows them the opportunity to enjoy some of the unique features offered by the hotel. Some of the hotels offer affordable all-inclusive packages that will ensure any guest will get the most out of their weekend getaway.

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