Cho ku Rei - cord bracelet


Cho ku Rei - cord bracelet First Reiki symbol - Cho Ku Rei (Chokurey - CHO KU REI)
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Cho Ku Rei is one of the main symbols of Reiki. It is used more than 13 variations. It is a sign of opening energy source tsvelichenie energy and spiritual protection . Due to the shape, focus the energy at a point, thereby increasing the healing properties at the center of the assembly.

Using character accelerates healing and reduces pain of all kinds. Visualization on the forehead and the heart chakra reduces nervousness and irritability . With the help of the sign can clean energy space, energize food, drinks, crystals. Symbol Cho Ku Rei depict the palm conductor directly to the diseased or damaged site on the patient's head. This symbol activates all the other characters and is usually used last.

Workshop Amorem. Resizable bracelet.

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Details & Care

Our products are made of sterling silver. We do not cover our products with rhodium. So with a time if unworn silver could get mat because of an oxide film. It's normal reaction. To return it's glossy look and remove the plaque it is sufficient to use a felt cloth or a special wipes for silver cleaning. 

The threads in our cord bracelets are caproic and suitable for regular use. They show an excellent color retention rate in corrosive environments such as sea water and cleaning products. The threads do not cause alergy and comfortable to the body. With the active use can retain for 1 year in excellent condition (depends also on the colour).


size 12 mm
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