Ankh (Crux Ansata) - cord bracelet


Ankh (Crux Ansata) - cord bracelet Cord bracelet with sterling silver Ankh charm
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Cord bracelet with sterling silver Ankh charm

The Ankh is a sacred symbol coming from ancient Egypt. "Crux Ansata" means Cross with a handle. This is an ancient egyptian hierogliph meaning "life". As a symbol the main meaning of the Ankh is Eternity. They call it also Key of Life, Key of Nile, Egyptian Cross. It was a beleif that this "key" could unlock gates of death.The ancient gods of Egypt as well as the pharaohs are often shown holding the Ankh sign in Egyptian art.

The Ankh is a symbol of wisdom, which gained as a result of initiation. It is a key to the hidden truth, to the energy, to the power, to the eternal life. The Ankh can be considered as combination of feminine and masculine, eternal and human, divine and material. It combines both life and immortality.

"Crux Ansata" bracelet is assigned for reminding us that there is a huge power which we can always find within. All the questions and all the answers are hidden inside of us, in our inner center, where divine meets material and eternal manifests in human. The "key" will help you open a door to your inner wisdom.

Amorem. Sterling silver. Handmade. Features adjustable cord.

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Details & Care

Our products are made of sterling silver. We do not cover our products with rhodium. So with a time if unworn silver could get mat because of an oxide film. It's normal reaction. To return it's glossy look and remove the plaque it is sufficient to use a felt cloth or a special wipes for silver cleaning. 

The threads in our cord bracelets are caproic and suitable for regular use. They show an excellent color retention rate in corrosive environments such as sea water and cleaning products. The threads do not cause alergy and comfortable to the body. With the active use can retain for 1 year in excellent condition (depends also on the colour).


ankh 25.2 х 14.5 mm
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