Vision of Amorem

Inspired by Russian Soul

Amorem is a project which was born in Russia inspired by Russian Soul.

 We believe in inner knowledge and in life lived by heart. Real spirituality is in living with joy, following your heart.

Depth, strength and compassion are the main characteristics of the russian soul. Gogol said: " love as the Russian soul loves, is to love not with the mind or anything else, but with all that God has given, all that is within you."

Amorem means LOVE in latin. Love is our message. It is a message of oneness and deeper connection between everything and everyone.

Our jewelry is a kind of inspirational jewelry that carries deeper meaning and spiritual approach, it helps people to express their feelings. Amorem is always by your side - when you are in joy or passing through changes, when you want to be stronger or wish to open your heart and let love shine through you.

We share our love and our inspiration through all the products we make. Each peice is handmade of sterling silver. It carries a touch of human hands. Silver is a metal which was sacred and since ancient times had been used for jewelry-making. It cleanses aura, desinfects water and shows the state of health.

Our ancestors' jewelry was not something that they used for decoration only. They used it for protection as amulets. Each peice carried a deeper meaning. We believe that everything you wear on your body affects your life somehow. It's like tattoo but much lighter, "temporary version".

Our mission is to spread love, and here we mean love much wider than man/woman relations. Love is a concrete that connects the whole Universe.

Love is a great transforming power that is hidden inside of each one of us. The whole life we travel to love that we already carry inside. We learn to be real, be ourselves, reminding who we are. 

Amorem jewelry could make a perfect gift - from heart to heart. From soul to soul. 

Amorem - inspired by russian soul.



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