Part of you is reality

She is everywhere. She surrounds you. You breathe her. Feel her. She is inside you. She is the reason for the change. She makes the world better.
Change yourself. Change the world.

Our jewelry brand is dedicated to creating pieces that carry profound meaning, transcending mere adornment to tell unique stories and evoke deep emotions. Each design is meticulously crafted, reflecting our commitment to infuse every piece with symbolism and significance.

Always be yourself

We put our soul into each product. The hands of the master "revive" what was recently just metal.Everyone in the Amorem team loves their profession and is passionate about the common idea.Our mission is to share love through jewelry, to help opening up your inner beauty. After all, the real beauty is not in jewelry, it is in YOU! 


Gift Amorem

We believe that the most precious gift someone could give is time and warmth of his soul. This kind of gift is not about money. Our customers are happy to gift Amorem to their loved ones. Everyone who chooses Amorem jewelry as a gift, strives to present not just a thing, but love and warmth, to convey a sincere wish. Such a gift brings people together and has a special value.


Love & Truth