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Abacus bracelet, Sterling Silver

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  • Handmade Gift box included in the price (box, leather case)
  • Free shipping around the world.
  • High quality materials (resistant to aggressive substances), can be used every day.
  • Adjustable size of the bracelet.
  • We guarantee shipments, if you do not receive the product, we guarantee a refund or send you a new shipment.

The Abacus was a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Ancient China. The importance of the maths knowledge in China was very high, for example, the official passed many exams, including mathematics to obtain a new position. It is believed that the owner of such an amulet is the “Master of life", the amulet helps to make the right decisions for preservation and promotions.

  • HOW TO WEAR IT. This bracelet is good to wear on the right hand to activate the corresponding energy. Energy enters into us through the left side and goes through the right one. Therefore, it is better to wear protective symbols on the left hand, those that we want to activate in our life on the right. Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.