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Acorn pendant, sterling silver (on a silver chain)

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Pendant with a chain in the form of a realistic acorn.

An acorn is a "seed of an oak tree", a symbol of fertility, prosperity, spiritual energy, growing from the seed of truth.
In ancient cultures, an acorn is a talisman that helps to avoid evil and drives away bad intentions.
Wearing acorn jewelry means wishing yourself long life and good luck.
The term "acorn"  is borrowed from biblical works, has a direct meaning (the function of the fetus-acorn) - the ability to give birth (giving birth), to birth (giving birth), is capable of producing light; those. the fruit (seed) that the tree produces.

There is the so-called principle of acorns. The principle of acorns says that only oak can grow from an acorn, not a birch, apple or orange. Since birth, each of us has its own talents. Trying to develop those talents that we don’t have is hard labor, which collapses like a house of cards in a swamp. If you stop asking for oranges from the oak, and begin to develop it like an oak, you will get a huge powerful tree that everyone will admire.



  • Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.