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Dog Totem Ring, sterling silver

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The dog is seen as an employee of humanity. If a person bears the sign of the Dog, he or she usually serves others or serves humanity in some way. Here you will find worker mercy, philanthropist, nurse, lawyer, minister, or soldier. A dog is a help that implements the gentleness of love of the best friend and the wild energy of a territory defender. Dog is a guardian. The dog guarded gates, treasures, and babies, while mothers worked in the fields. The dog gives gifts and is loyal to trust. In exploring the character of the Dog, you can find your own memories of owning the love and love of the Dog as a pet. The dog is trying to tell you what you need to dig deep in yourself - your sense of serving others. Dogs are sincerely serving animals, and are absolutely loyal to their owners. If a dog is scolded or beaten, it still loves a person, although he was rude to her. This does not mean stupidity, but a deep and compassionate understanding of human imperfections. It is as if a tolerant spirit lives at the heart of every Dog who asks only to be of service. Amorem. Handmade.