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Dolphin Totem Ring, sterling silver

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The fact that dolphins live in water is very symbolic for this totem, because according to all the ancient myths, the life begins in water. Water is a symbol of the environment. We are born in waters of the mother's womb. Water is also a symbol of creativity, emotions and sexuality. This is a necessary element of all things. It is a symbol of new space and new forces.

This dolphin totem opens up new creative forces and expands horizons. Water is vital for everybody as well as breathing! There is a huge number of breathing techniques that balance health and open up new areas for emotional and spiritual growth. For example, simulating the breath of a Dolphin, you can easily dissolve bad mood and stress, gain strength and vitality. This breathing is especially useful for people with respiratory problems and respiratory diseases. Dolphins have also a gift for perfect pitch. Sound, breath and water together, these are the source of life.

Since ancient time dolphins have always been sacred animal that helped people at sea. They are very intelligent creatures with a big brain and a great kindness to people. Even now, when many of them are dying in fishing nets, dolphins still prefer being closer to people.

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