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Hare totem ring, sterling silver

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First of all, many people often associate a bunny with cowardice and simplicity nowadays. However, the mythology is not so unambiguous in relation to this animal. The bunny is considered the focus of various qualities such as speed, as well as mobility and sympathy. All this is concentrated in one animal. Therefore, people with the totem of a bunny cannot be considered cowards.

The first and perhaps the fundamental quality of these people is the speed that increases as a person develops. We do not mean the physical speed, the mobility of the mind, the ability to quickly solve any problem, to make plans for the future, to cope with the situation. This mobility is vital.

That is why hare-people are so valuable. No wonder that this animal is used in many modern online games. For example, in the world-famous game Lineage 2, one of the character has a totem of a hare, which means an increased speed of running, as well as the speed of the enemy's attack. These qualities are inherent in people and in life. The hare will quickly make decisions, choose the best options, adjust to the situation. All this makes a person born under the totem of a hare unique.

Workshop Amorem.