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Hedgehog totem ring, sterling silver

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The hedgehog is a symbol of self-protection, as well as protection of their property. It has a rounded shape that allows it to release the thorns in all free sides. In ancient cultures, due to its rounded shape and protective thorns, the hedgehog was considered the emblem of great mother goddesses, such as the Babylonian goddess Ishtar.

The hedgehog is considered as the most real of totems. In the Christian interpretation, a greedy and quick-tempered hedgehog is identified with greed, gluttony, anger and is like Satan, who steals human souls. The Hedgehog was once considered an enemy of evil forces, because it ate rodents, larvae and worms. Like many animals, the hedgehog responds to changes in the weather. According to some superstitious ideas of the peoples of the West, witches are able to transform into hedgehogs and in this form they take away all the milk from the cows. In the East, however, the hedgehog is a symbol of wealth. It is amazing how different the attitude to this animal in different countries is.

If we take into account the Slavic ideas about how people treat this totem, it becomes quite clear that the hedgehog for the Slavs is a symbol of care and concern. A Hedgehog is the one who is certainly accurate. It would seem a small animal, but there is a strong life force that allows him to move on.

Amorem. Manual work.