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Horseshoe pendant, sterling silver

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Horseshoe pendant for happiness

Do you want to be happy? We don’t mean the feeling of flight, when the soul takes off and hovers in the unknown worlds, we speak about quite specific material happiness that can be held in the hands. Do you want it? Then we offer you a horseshoe silver pendant. it is a beautiful universal accessory, which will grant light and positive energy to your life.

Horseshoe pendant is on the verge of myth and reality.

Why is it believed that a horseshoe makes happy? Many centuries ago such a discovery was a source of many benefits. The iron horseshoe could be turned into useful utensils for farming, silver or gold were a real treasure. Nowadays, there are no horses on the road, fast all horses were replaced by cars. When one wants to attract luck, where should he look for it?

We offer you to go in search of fortune to the online store "Amorem". There are many other interesting jewelry, but this pendant contents your personal source of happiness.

We believe in the right signs!

Human life is often full of superstitions. We take on faith a lot of signs, try to avoid certain situations, get upset if we find somewhere an unfavorable sign. Most of these prejudices are far-fetched, and their power is vested exclusively in our own imagination. So let us now say «No» to thus superstitions!

You have to believe in good things. For example, a horseshoe is a very ancient, very active amulet. Do you know what his power is? The energy that has surrounded this object for centuries. They still work and grant people luck and make them happy.


  • Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.