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Kali Yantra Bracelet, sterling silver

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A Kali-Yantra cord bracelet.

Kali is the first mahavidya. 10 Mahavidyas are 10 types of energy, which form the whole world. The word "Kala "in Sanskrit means" time" and"death" at the same time.

Kali is the goddess of those changes that are necessary for the renewal of energy and spiritual development. In fact, death is a kind of such a transformation. Thus, death is not the end of existence, but simply the transition from one form to another.

Attachment to the physical body causes fear of death, this fear is a serious obstacle to development.

Kali eliminates the fear of death, ignorance, helps the spiritual forces of light, make free our consciousness for spiritual growth.

  • HOW TO WEAR IT. This bracelet is good to wear on the right hand to activate the corresponding energy. Energy enters into us through the left side and goes through the right one. Therefore, it is better to wear protective symbols on the left hand, those that we want to activate in our life on the right. Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.