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Necklace on a chain "Key to the lock", Sterling silver

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  • Handmade Gift box included in the price (box, leather case)
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  • High quality materials (resistant to aggressive substances), can be used every day.
  • Adjustable size 
  • We guarantee shipments, if you do not receive the product, we guarantee a refund or send you a new shipment.

The length and position of the necklace can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the loop from the chain.

A soulmate is one who has the keys to our locks and whose locks fit our keys. When we feel so safe that we can open our locks, then our most authentic selves come to meet each other, and we can be fully and sincerely who we are. Then we are loved as we are, and not as we try to be. (R. Bach)


  • Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.