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Phoenix earrings, sterling silver

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Phoenix is ​​a symbol of immortality: death and rebirth in fire. Legend has it that when the phoenix senses the approach of death, he knocks a nest of fragrant wood and tar, which then sets the scorching rays of the sun until it burns down in their flames. Then a new phoenix emerges from the remnants. Being a "fiery bird", it means the divinity of royal power, nobility and uniqueness, and also meekness. In all traditions, the phoenix appears as a solar symbol. You can draw an analogy between phoenix and other fantastic birds - Ben in Egypt, Garuda in Hindus, Simurg in Iranian mythology, Kerkes in the Turkish tradition. Phoenix, the "liberated soul", in the words of CG Jung, became a symbol of human rebirth.
Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.