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Bracelet Mystical Knot, silver 925

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A bracelet on a thread Mystical Knot is in another way also called a knot of longevity, an infinite knot, an eternal knot, a knot of happiness, a magical knot. The symbol, found in various ancient traditions: in Tibetan Buddhism (it is believed that it comes from there), is also common in Islam, in Celtic ornaments, and in the Feng shui system in China. It has no beginning and no end, therefore it is called mystical, infinite, eternal.

It is a traditional symbol of good luck in Buddhism, symbolizes the idea of reincarnation and the infinity of life. Also, having many interweaves, it symbolizes the idea of the unity of all things and the connection of people, events and phenomena - pull here, and something will happen there. In China, it is considered a symbol of longevity, duration, love and harmony.

The mystical node refers to the number of symbols that do not "work" by themselves. Whether it is a small or a large mystical knot, they "work" only when a person pays attention to it, when a person knows what the knot and the amulet to which he is attached symbolize, when a person invests, directs his own energy into the development of an idea or the fulfillment of a desire.

HOW TO WEAR. This bracelet is well worn on the right hand to activate the corresponding sphere. Energy enters us through the left side, and exits through the right. Therefore, it is better to wear protective symbols on the left hand, and those that we want to activate in our life - on the right.