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Shiva's Mask Ring, Sterling Silver

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It will be interesting to lovers of India, Brahmanism, ethnicity and everything oriental. The composition and details of the mask are very similar to the famous monumental high-relief image of the three-faced Shiva Maheshvara (VIII century), located in a cave temple on the island of Elephant near Bombay. Three heads of Shiva (Trimurti) correspond to its three main manifestations (central - Shiva creating, left - Shiva destroying, right - Shiva protecting), thus expressing, according to the iconography of Brahmanism, the complex and contradictory essence of the deity. The face of Shiva, the creator, is full of restrained inner strength and expression of elevated detachment and peace. The face of the destroyer god is ominously distorted by anger, while the guard is embodied in the image of a young woman with a gentle smile. Amorem®