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Swan Totem Ring, Sterling Silver

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A swan is a totem that bestows grace and strength. Believe the Creator and accept change with humility. The strength of this gentle bird is its ability to accept change. The swan does not resist change, it is ready to grow from the ugly duckling to a beautiful graceful bird. Those who understand and accept the power of the swan within themselves can see the future. This totem encourages a person to live in harmony with himself and develop intuition. For those who are patronized by a swan, it is necessary to develop the ability to predict the future. The Swan Totem teaches us: “Trust in the universe and the Creator; he knows what is best for us. Only in this way will we get everything we need. ” If you have chosen Swan as a totem, then it is time for you to learn to accept and understand your intuition. You have a unique opportunity to foresee the future, rely on God and accept changes in the universe. Workshop Amorem. Handmade.