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Account name: AMOREM d.o.o.
IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 6776 617
VAT SI71081739

Amorem is jewelry with meaning.

The main and most popular of all the jewelry we produce are the сord bracelets.

In addition to bracelets, there are rings, earrings, pendants and cufflinks. Separately we allocate rings for phalanges, a fashionable trend. In the collections of Amorem there is a whole series of dimensionless phalanx rings.

AMOREM is the declension of the word love in Latin, that is, for example: "creating love" - in this combination, love will sound like amorem, i.e. love not as something static, but as an action.

From ancient times, people wore what had a meaning for them: patterns, symbols. What we wear on the body can affect our lives.

Amorem jewelry is, in fact, a meaning, a definite message, expressed in the form of certain material. It is an emotional transfer.

Philosophy of Amorem: Every year on our planet, people are increasingly moving away from each other. There are too many aggressions, conflicts, lies, hatred and indifference in the world. And this is a matter of our own hands. Life has become different. Live communication "heart to heart" has been replaced by a couple of through the Internet, and lost time with our children "compensate" with expensive gifts. We pay less attention to our close ones, constantly hurrying somewhere. We move further away from each other, forgetting to dream and create.

Amorem is jewelry with meaning that are created in order to inspire our clients to be themselves and to live a real life, reminding that true happiness is in simple things, and love is the natural aspiration of every soul. 

Speaking different languages, expressing ourselves in different ways, all people on the planet experience similar feelings. Our true desires are similar. We all want simple human happiness and sincere love. Enjoy your individuality and be understood, live in peace and harmony with yourself and others.

The magic threads of Amorem are designed to connect people with their own inner world, true desires, with a sense of happiness ...

Give Amorem

We in Amorem believe that the most valuable gift is a kind attitude. And this gift is not worth the money. Our customers gladly give Amorem to their loved ones. Everyone who chooses Amorem jewelry as a gift, strives to present not just a thing, but love and warmth, to convey a sincere wish. Such a gift brings people together and has a special value.

We put our soul into each product. The hands of the master "revive" what was recently just metal. Everyone in the Amorem team loves their profession and is passionate about the common idea. Our mission is to share love through jewelry, to help opening up your inner beauty. After all, the real beauty is not in jewelry, it is in YOU! 

Amorem LOVEstyle.

We would like to share our perception of life with you. We call it the word LOVEstyle, it's a kind of life harmony rules, "Traffic Laws" on your happiness path. So, see you at the next junction!

1. Share Love. Love is the ability of Soul to see perfection in imperfection. Remember: the more love you give, the more love you attract.

2. Live NOW. Feel this moment. Life is short, take time to enjoy it.

3. Forgive past. Time spent being offended is time stolen from your lifetime.

4. Always be yourself. Your perfect imperfection is magnificent.

5. Listen to your wise heart. It does know the best way. Always. Trust it.

6. Follow your inner calling. In this way, step by step, you'll get yourself into harmony.

7. Let go. What is truly yours eventually will be yours. What is not yours, does not worth fighting.

8. Be innocent and playful like a child. So, life will constantly surprise you.

9. Never give up your dream. Each dream is given to you together with the power of making it true.

10. Hug more. When you embrace one another, it heals your soul and opens your heart.

11. Let your fears go and you will attain freedom and your true self. Just like a bird, which is not afraid to fall.

12. Search for incredible in every little thing. And you'll realize how perfect life is.

13. Be generous. Your greatness is what you give, it's not what you get.

14. Trust life. It gives you the best you really need.

15. Attract luck. Luck loves brave and cheerful people. So stop complaining.

16. Be happy as often as possible. Things that you really need to feel blessed cost nothing.

17. Take yourself as you are. Remember that you are the integral part of Universe harmony.

18. Love yourself and you'll find that you are able to love the whole world.