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Cross Bracelet, sterling silver

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Cord bracelet with a sterling silver latin cross charm and sterling silver beads

Cross in different cultures symbolizes supreme sacred values: life, fertility , immortality. Represents the idea of the center and outgoing directions. The cross symbolizes the connection of opposites of spiritual and material, life and death, male and female, higher and lower .

The cross as a crossroad connected with the idea of choice-making. It is a cosmic symbol: its transverse beam symbolizes the horizon, vertical stand - the axis of the world, the ends of the cross represent the four cardinal directions. Cross symbolizes not only the macrocosm, but microcosm as well: an image of a man with open arms.

  • HOW TO WEAR IT. This bracelet is good to wear on the right hand to activate the corresponding energy. Energy enters into us through the left side and goes through the right one. Therefore, it is better to wear protective symbols on the left hand, those that we want to activate in our life on the right. Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.