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Squirrel Totem ring, sterling silver

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This animal symbolizes mobility, efficiency, energy, devotion to duty.
The symbolism of the sign is ingenuity, foresight, activity.
Activity period: all year.
Squirrel is a caring hostess, she is constantly fussing to arrange her nest. She always tries to be ahead, and her irrepressible energy and cheerfulness give confidence and strength.

Her energy and efficiency help to cope with any difficulties, no matter how exorbitantly difficult they may be. Squirrel is always confident in himself, and after changing jobs, he is among the first everywhere. It is also in her power to overcome life's adversities, but because of her restlessness, she simply runs away from them. From birth, the squirrel is given observation, and if she fussed less, then, having assessed her strength and applied her intelligence, she could achieve a lot.

Swift and thin, strong and strong-willed, with attentive and mobile eyes, the Squirrel is not afraid of death, she accepts it as a transition to another world.
She is always in search of the meaning of life, but also moving rapidly into the future, she never forgets about her relatives, about where she comes from. Never changes his habits and attachments: it's sacred to her.