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Phalanx Ring Ingots, Small, Sterling Silver

Regular price €53,00 EUR
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The dimensionless phalanx ring Ingots Amorem® for first or second phalanxes.

A gift from the heart is more expensive than a gold bar. Ingot rings are a gift for the soul.

Jewelry in the style of minimalism is created for an active life. Through the brevity of decorative solutions, products can be combined with a variety of images, in each of which they will be appropriate. Roughness and scuffiness personify your audacious nature.
This is a good solution for active girls and women who understand that a lot and bright does not always mean good. Ingot rings are like a second skin: they are tiny and imperceptible. But at the same time they are able to delicately place accents.

Made with a gap, you can vary the size of the smaller ring from 13 to 15, the larger from 14.5 to 18.5

Handmade. Packaging is included in the price (a box, a suede trunk and an atlas with meaning).