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Bracelet Double Luck Double Happiness - Feng Shui hieroglyph, silver 925

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The sign of double luck is nothing more than the word happiness written twice in Chinese. He has a powerful ability to grant wishes. It is considered a symbol of love, bringing harmony to the relationship between a man and a woman. If you already have a relationship, they will strengthen, and if you are looking for a talisman, it will help you attract love into your life.

If you wear a double luck sign all the time, it will affect all spheres of life, bringing good luck to its owner. In marriage, this will help to remain faithful, protect from divorce.

It is believed that the hieroglyph of black and blue (drawn) will help in a career, green or gold-for money, beige or yellow -for study, and red-for love. You can use this when choosing the yarn color. Black and blue - for career, red - for love. For money, it can be used in gilding or gilding. May luck and love accompany you!