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Bracelet Second Wing, silver 925

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Bracelet on a Wing thread — on the reverse side the inscription Amorem

How often it seems that in order to take off, we lack one wing. They say that we are all angels with one wing.
But in fact, we all already have wings. We just forgot. Throwing a load of grievances, problems and disappointments on our shoulders, we become so heavy that our wings cannot lift us.

The Second Wing bracelet is designed to remind us that flying is our natural state. Having thrown away the mental and emotional junk that we are used to living with, we will finally be able to feel lightness. It remains only to spread your wings and fly into the sky that each of us calls happiness!

"Heaven is not a place and not a time, but a state of mind" (R. Bach)

HOW TO WEAR. This bracelet is well worn on the right hand to activate the corresponding sphere. Energy enters us through the left side, and exits through the right. Therefore, it is better to wear protective symbols on the left hand, and those that we want to activate in our life - on the right.