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Bracelet Pacificus, silver 925

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The bracelet on the Pacificus thread, or the so—called "Peace Cross", is a symbol invented in 1958 by Gerald Holtom for the "Movement for Nuclear Disarmament" that was being created. Just two years later, the Pacificus sign acquired the status of an international symbol of the movement against war. In this sign, Holtom encrypted two letters "N" and "D" with the help of a semaphore alphabet, denoting "nuclear disarmament" — "nuclear disarmament".

Some believe that the sign means the union of three roads into one, which embodies the unity of humanity. There is a version that this symbol is the imprint of a pigeon's foot, since this bird means tranquility and peace among many peoples.

In any case, the Pacificus sign has been an international symbol of peace, disarmament and the anti-war movement for more than half a century.