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Bracelet Clover, silver 925

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The bracelet  made of four-leaf clover threads that you wear on your hand is a kind of amulet that attracts good luck and money to this hand. In ancient cultures, four-leaf clover symbolized the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Among the druids, such a clover was revered, as it promised incredible luck to the owner and others. Each petal of a four-leaf clover also symbolizes: hope, faith, love, luck. Four-leaf clover strengthened spiritual powers, allowed to determine the presence of spirits and could carry gold, money or treasures to the owner. There is mutual love between two people who have a four-leaf clover. A rope bracelet with four clover leaves is a great gift with a wish of happiness and good luck. May your life be filled with luck, love and prosperity with the help of four-leaf clover.