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Sautoir Alchemy, silver 925

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A necklace that is light and weightless, like a small piece of the sky, decorated with multicolored balls twinkling in the light. It is a perfect combination of form and material - absolute smoothness and transparency, creating a sense of harmony and elegance.

From the point of view of psychology, the rounded shape is considered the most successful, since it is devoid of sharp corners and protrusions that can cause negative emotions. In nature, a "ball" is the most effective form for energy conservation, from molecules to planets.

Each ball in this necklace has its own special meaning and symbolism. Pink sapphire with a strawberry tint will convey your love and tenderness, while mint paraiba tourmaline will give freshness and a desire for the new. Green apple verdilite will fill you with a sense of home comfort and warmth, and purple amethyst will add astringency in communication. Yellow citrine, like a hint of lemon sourness, will awaken cheerfulness, and blue topaz will envelop you with tranquility and harmony.

The necklace is made using artificially grown stones, which are expertly inscribed in 925 sterling silver. The rounded and absolutely smooth shape of each stone attracts attention - it's so nice to touch these balls and hold them in your hand. Artificially grown stones have the same qualities as natural ones, but at the same time they have a brighter and more uniform color, as well as crystal transparency.

This necklace will be a wonderful decoration that will emphasize your individuality and aesthetic taste. It can complement any outfit and add a touch of luxury and sophistication. Wear it with pride and confidence, and let each ball in this necklace remind you of the beauty and splendor of the world that surrounds you.

Hand made. Silver 925 with rhodium plated.