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Set of rings Grape Vine, Sterling Silver

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The symbol of the grape vine means joy and beauty of the creation of the family. The grapes are also a symbol of numerous offspring.

The vine is not a single fruit, there are many grapes, collected in a single bunch. There is the same rule in our life, we learn different aspects of the whole, we grow and develop with each new experience and gain the wisdom of life.

Rings on the third and second phalanges. They make a set with Grape Vine earrings. Rings are made with a gap at the bottom, you can vary the size of the smaller ring from 13 to 15, the larger one from 14.5 to 18.5.

The set includes 2 rings on the 2nd and the 3rd phalanx.

Amorem®. Sterling silver. Handmade. Adjustable size. Amorem gift pack.