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Small Ladybug bracelet, sterling silver

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  • Handmade Gift box included in the price (box, leather case)
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  • High quality materials (resistant to aggressive substances), can be used every day.
  • Adjustable size of the bracelet.
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The ladybug brings good luck. Many people asked a ladybug questions about life and death, about weather and crop, about marriage in a number of folklore texts. It is believed that it can serve as a mediator between life and dead. This may reflect the view of the ladybug as the ancestor. The ladybug was associated with the great Goddess, it was an attribute of the mother of God later. Her name In the European languages can be explained by this fact: "the bird of our lady", " beetle of Mary."

  • HOW TO WEAR IT. This bracelet is good to wear on the right hand to activate the corresponding energy. Energy enters into us through the left side and goes through the right one. Therefore, it is better to wear protective symbols on the left hand, those that we want to activate in our life on the right. Amorem®. Sterling Silver. Handmade.