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Paired rings Keep me safe, silver 925

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Keep me safe - Love is the only feeling that gives you a feeling of greater security when you are surrounded by this emotion, and at the same time makes you feel wild. One has to be wild in a relationship so that the other can keep him or her safe, right?

The anchor symbolizes safety, strength, stability, calmness, patience, reliability, loyalty, devotion. This symbol goes back centuries, allowing the one who wears it (for example, in the form of a tattoo or jewelry) not to go astray, to resist all winds and currents.

These rings will become a special symbol of a relationship and a great gift.

A wide male ring is presented with an anchor pattern. The inscription "you keep me safe" is engraved on the inside of the ring.
A thin female ring is presented with an anchor figure.

Each piece from AMOREM  jewelry creations is unique.
The product is completely handmade from 925 silver.

Worldwide shipping.