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Ring Tree of Life, silver 925

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The symbolism of the tree is broad, it includes development, life, creation of the world and unity. The use of this symbol as an amulet is due to the powerful energy of the tree as a collective image. For centuries, people have been protecting themselves and their family using the image of the tree of life, relying on its qualities. In the Slavic epic, the tree of life is divided into three components: roots - connection with ancestors, trunk - life, shoots - life.

The work of the blackening masters made the minimalistic design of the ring inspiring, and the image similar to the texture of the bark of a tree. The black and silver design makes this ring an attribute of universal style, and the ideality of the image - a talisman.

Each piece from AMOREM jewelry creations is unique.
The product is completely handmade from 925 silver.

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