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Ganesha Mantra Bracelet, Silver 925

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The mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha is known all over the world. It contains the power with which all obstacles are overcome, difficulties on the way are eliminated. The Ganesha mantra helps to find purity of intentions, success, well-being and abundance.

Ganesha is a deity who removes obstacles on our path, both spiritual and material. It blesses beginnings and symbolizes intelligence, success and prosperity. He guides us on the right path, helps us make the right decisions and attract good luck. Ganesha is very attentive to all requests made from the heart.


"Greetings to the one who removes obstacles."

It is believed that one should repeat the Ganesha mantra and concentrate on it only with pure thoughts before starting any important business in order for everything to work out successfully, for gaining clarity of consciousness, developing intuition and wisdom.